Rotate phone to return to virtual reality
Turn up the volume.
Tilt to go back.
Having trouble? Make sure your screen is set to auto-rotate.

Chrome Experiments for Cardboard

Chrome Experiments for Cardboard

This experience requires a WebGL enabled mobile browser, such as Google Chrome for Android 4+

Chrome Experiments for Cardboard

The experience is designed for Android smartphones with Cardboard. Visit with the Chrome browser.

Or, get a preview by selecting an experiment below.

Chrome Experiments for Virtual Reality

Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality device using Google Chrome and Cardboard.


What’s Cardboard?

Cardboard is a simple DIY device for turning your smartphone into a virtual reality headset. Learn more.

Developer Tools

Here’s a basic VR experiment for Google Chrome and Cardboard using WebGL and Three.js. (To create an Android app, click here.)